I have grown up with firearms. I have been around firearms my entire life. I am a recreational shooter, a passionate hunter, and a collector of firearms. I sell firearms…I know these tools like a carpenter knows his own. And when my wife asked me if I wanted to take Franks classes, I agreed without hesitation. Anything to bring this passion together with the one I love.

I admit  that I felt I wouldn’t learn much from the Basic Handgun course. After all, it was just the “Basics” right? Wrong…I left the course with so much more than I ever imagined.

One of the first things Frank taught us was a comparison between those of us who have grown up with guns and an older lady who had never touched one. He said “You know what we have that she doesn’t?” …”Bad habits…”

And right he was. By the time we finished the course I had a laundry list of no-no’s I’ve been doing and am now working on correcting. A few simple changes in my technique and my groups have already tightened up ten-fold. I can’t wait (and neither can my wife) for the next levels of Frank’s classes.

Shane Schulze
Basic Handgun