My wife and I, along with our 13-year old daughter, completed the Basic Pistol course to become more familiar with handguns and honestly to have a family experience.  The course was fantastic; a solid foundation.  We continue to relish and discuss what we learned that day as a family.  Frank is a stellar instructor both from a technical level (his credentials and background are second to no one) as well as his ability to passionately communicate and teach each and every student.  He sincerely wants everyone to walk away with a comfortable level of handgun knowledge but also with a high level of respect for handgun safety.  The day after completing the Basic course – my family experienced an intruder in our home.  The experience rocked me a bit and made me realize that I was not prepared to protect myself and more importantly I wasn’t prepared to protect my family from an intruder.  My wife and I immediately signed up for the advanced handgun courses.  It was awesome to have my wife building her handgun/protection skills right alongside me.  The advanced courses were amazing.  We learned and became comfortable carrying and using our handguns.  Each student shot around 800 rounds, some of which were just after dark.  Absolutely incredible experience.  Part of the advanced course instruction includes playing out various “real life” group scenarios that you very well could find yourself facing.  This part of the course will really get your adrenaline flowing!  When you complete the training and you receive your certificates from Frank you really feel a sense of accomplishment.  My wife and I certainly do not want another intruder but we both truly feel that we are prepared to protect our family if necessary.

A “Shout Out” to Frank.  He is a skilled professional (after all he was a Navy Seal for goodness sake) – who desires to share his wealth of knowledge with his students.  Frank taught us about handguns, recommended specific handguns for my wife and I, and then taught us how to use them if necessary to protect our family!  Priceless!  Thank you, Frank.

Wayne, Kim and Abby Nelson
Basic Handgun | Defensive Handgun-1 & 2