I had previous experience shooting action pistol and shot competitively in the 90’s. I hadn’t shot much in the last few years and took the Zero Victims courses thinking they would be a good refresher.

All I can say now is, “Wow”!  I greatly underestimated these courses!

In addition to being preeminently qualified, Frank is patient and is an excellent teacher. He improved my gun handling skills. (I had to unlearn a bad habit or two I had picked up over the years). He also helped me find a pistol and caliber that was far better suited to me than the one I was using.

You also get first rate knowledge of the legal issues you will face if you ever have to use a gun to defend yourself or family. You don’t want to be in the most stressful situation you may ever face without knowing what to expect.

The most important aspect of these classes for me was the mental preparation needed for defensive shooting. I didn’t have any idea of what to expect and was humbled to say the least. The training you get in these courses helps to prepare you for real world situations like no other means I know of.

Just meeting the requirements to get a concealed carry permit does not make you anywhere near “qualified” to carry one.  You really need to take the Zero Victims Courses.  These courses are absolutely essential if you are considering using a gun to protect your family or yourself; In or out of the home.

Steve Burt
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