Confident. Empowered. Capable.  These words best describe the results of handgun training with Frank.  His method of presenting information helps students to securely grasp the important concepts of when to act and how to act in the face of an imminent threat.

Each class builds upon the knowledge of previous classes, enabling students to feel confident while utilizing and honing their skills in more challenging scenarios.

In each class I have taken, Frank has provided information in a format that was easy to retain.

He is easily approachable with questions and creates a positive learning environment. Frank’s instruction during the pistol range portion of the classes has helped me to become confident in knowing that I can safely and effectively use my handgun.  At the conclusion of every class, I have been able to see the progression of my skill level from the beginning of that class to the end.

I would strongly recommend Frank’s classes for anyone who wants to develop the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to defend themselves and to not become a victim.

Tammy Bolinger
Basic Handgun | Defensive Handgun-1 & 2