Defensive Handgun 1 & 2 Series

If you are considering using a defensive handgun for personal defense, either Inside or outside your home, we strongly recommend you take our Defensive Handgun 1&2 Series course. You will be glad you did! Click here to see what our clients say about our firearms and handgun training classes!

Course Length: 2 Days     Class size: 6

This is high value training and is very popular with our clients.  We will cover how to respond to life threatening encounter Inside and Outside The Home, defensive shooting skills, holster draw, concealed carry methods, drawing from concealment, engaging multiple targets, scanning for threats, instinctive/point shooting, defensive accuracy, changing magazines, concealed carry devices, how to respond to violent confrontations, legal considerations and use of deadly force, imminent threat and cessation of threat, Montana statutes and key provisions and restrictions within the law pertaining to the use of deadly force,  Castle Doctrine, Duty to Retreat, Federal, State, and Local Law, 5th amendment protections, obtaining legal representation, potential criminal and civil actions, Intrastate and Interstate acquisition and transportation of firearms, what to do when you are pulled over by law enforcement while carrying concealed, physical and psychological effects, mindset, levels of mental awareness, shooting from cover and concealment, and how to select a handgun for self-defense.

If you do not have a gun to use for this class, you may rent one of our handguns and all associated gear.

You should bring 600 rounds of ammunition.

Cost: $429

After you register for the course, specific details and instructions will be provided to you via email.

Pre-requisite training:  Zero Victims Concealed Carry & Basic Handgun course or other equivalent training is required prior to taking this course. Training must have been at least 8 hours in length and included live fire training. Proof of equivalent training is required and other training will be considered on a case by case basis. Call 406-690-4700 with any questions.


Frank Odermann,  U.S. Navy SEAL (Retired)
Zero Victims Firearm & Self Defense Training | Concealed Carry | CCW

Billings, Montana


Interested in taking this course? CONTACT US if you don't see this course event scheduled on our COURSE CALENDAR , and we will get it on the schedule!