Frank Odermann is a great example of what a true teacher looks like!  He is thorough, concise, and down home. I can’t imagine for the life of me taking any course on handguns, let alone firearm safety, from anybody else…hands down top notch!  Between the tools that are given, along with real-time hands-on training, you couldn’t ask for a more detailed and structured way to learn about handgun basics!  I recommend every person even thinking about acquiring a handgun, TAKE THIS CLASS FIRST!!!  You will most definitely not be disappointed!  Franks honest and caring character will have you leaving with a peace of mind regarding handguns you didn’t know you could obtain!   MONEY VERY WELL SPENT, and I most definitely will be attending his other courses in the near future!!! Thank you so much, Frank, for opening my eyes!

Kriegg Mann
Concealed Carry & Basic Handgun