I had never handled a gun smaller than a rifle, so I went in very unsure of how I felt about smaller guns. I was a little intimidated when I started but after going through the class portion I felt better. Once taught how to hold a semi-auto and shoot one properly I had a lot of fun! It was a great accomplishment for me to complete the class as well as become a better aim! I started with my first 20 rounds only hitting the paper 3 times. With some coaching from Frank about the few things that were off I zero’d in to a small circle on the paper. I would recommend this class to anyone from just starting out to those that have shot handguns for years! I bet anyone will learn something new from Frank’s courses!  Frank Odermann is professional and safety is his top priority! I hope to take another class in the future from Frank.

Amanda Baum
Concealed Carry & Basic Handgun