I had been considering taking a defensive handgun class for some time when I finally scheduled the Basic Handgun course with Frank Odermann at Zero Victims Firearms Training. I simply cannot express how happy I am that I made that decision. Without having much handgun experience I was a bit nervous and intimidated by the thought of handling guns in front of others. Frank quickly put me at ease. He is so patient, thorough, and an absolute well of knowledge. No such thing as a stupid question in Frank’s class! Every single skill you carry out on the range with your gun will be extensively discussed, demonstrated, and practiced in the classroom before you ever touch a live round. Since CCW/Basic Handgun, I have recently taken Frank’s Defensive Handgun 1&2 course. I strongly recommend this class for anyone (especially women!) who want to feel confident that they can protect themselves when necessary. I plan on continuing my instruction with Frank into Defensive Handgun 3 and so on. Please, please if you have ever had a thought about carrying a handgun for protective purposes don’t hesitate to schedule a class at Zero Victims.

Katlyn Mechling
CCW/Basic Handgun / Defensive Handgun 1&2 Courses