It has been an absolute privilege of mine to participate in the Basic Handgun class followed by Defensive Handgun 1, 2 & 3 taught by Frank Odermann.

I have always been very shy of being around hand guns and probably had hoplophobia, a fear of firearms.  Taking the first class was incredibly informative and so very thorough, focusing intensely on safety.  We learned about every part of the hand guns from tip to tip as well as their function.

Frank was very thorough and taught in a way for every person to understand the intent of the message, free from doubt or misunderstanding.

I have often wondered what sort of person it takes to be qualified as a Navy SEAL.  I was able to witness one first hand.  I thank Frank for his willingness and ability to serve our country and anyone who is in his near vicinity at his optimal level, without hesitation.

I am no longer a hoplophobic and I am looking forward to furthering my skills in defensive handgun level 4.

Benda Schreckengost
Basic Handgun | Defensive Handgun 1, 2, 3.