First and foremost, Frank teaches safety as the foundation for any of his classes and educates others to do the same when it comes to handling firearms. Born and raised in rural Montana, I’ve always been around guns, but never did I experience the sense of comfort and confidence that I do now until going through Frank’s classes. It’s not just about sitting around for a few hours and getting a piece of paper. Frank’s passion for what he does is very evident in how he engages with his clients and personally invests his time in the curriculum to ensure that his clients also understand the material. It’s more than just shooting a gun; Frank takes the time to explain the reasoning for and the break down of each component whether it’s mechanically how a gun fires, what ammunition to use,  what to avoid when using your concealed carry permit, what to be mindful of when cleaning your firearm, etc. These, and other skills from Frank, have been essential to my overall experience of safe gun handling and have even allowed me to have a little fun. I look forward to future courses with Zero Victims and highly recommend to others.


Erin Saxer
Concealed Carry & Basic Handgun, Defensive Handgun levels 1, 2, 3, & 4