I took the ground zero training and Defensive Handgun 1&2. These classes were awesome and I definitely recommend anyone, including those with good experience, who are interested in becoming confident with a handgun for defensive purposes take these classes. Frank is well versed in MT gun laws and gun handling.  Frank knows exactly what he is doing, and creates a fun, safe, and comfortable learning environment for us learning from him. He provides great recommendations for gear and explanations why. I’m about to move out of state, and I know there is no one I trust more than Frank to teach me defensive handgun after taking these classes. He’s a retired navy seal and has years of experience training people of various backgrounds, there is no one more qualified to teach you how to use a handgun to defend yourself, even if you have never touched a gun before. I can go on and on about him, he really is that great! If you take a course from him or even call him with questions, you’ll find out yourself!
Celestia Hammond
CCW/Basic Handgun, Defensive Handgun 1&2