Bear with me on this. I am 67 and a half years old, have never really shot any kind of gun until about 4 months ago then just with my husband. We decided to take a class. Well I was kind of in “shell shock”, no pun intended, after that class because it was supposed to be a basic pistol class but we were doing things that I thought would have been a lot more advanced than what I should have been doing.

We heard about Zero Victims and Frank Odermann from a friend on Facebook and I messaged him about his classes. He told me about his classes and that he doesn’t push or try to make people do what they are not ready for.  Husband and I signed up and last night was the big night.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.  We are going to go on with training with him. I HIGHLY recommend these training classes to anyone.

Shirley Peter
Basic Handgun