My wife and I took the basic firearm and Defensive 1&2 courses from Zero Victims and it was awesome. I’m really looking forward to the Defensive 3 class. Frank Odermann is extremely patient and incredibly knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain the “why”, which is a rarity. I have been around guns most of my life, and didn’t realize how many bad habits I developed over the years and how much I learned over one eight hour basic handgun course. His Defensive 1&2 classes were mentally exhausting with the sheer volume of information he provides to absorb so prepare yourself! His “know when know how know doubt” is absolutely spot on. Just the legal information you discuss in class is comprehensive let alone the defensive handgun tactics taught. Not only would I recommend his classes, I can’t encourage everyone in the Billings area enough to take them. You will be a better gun owner, and fellow community member, guaranteed. How lucky we are to have a resource like this in our community to take advantage of. Thank you again Mr. Odermann, you have made us better, more responsible and more effective gun owners.

Glen Disque
CCW/Basic Handgun, Defensive Handgun levels 1&2, 3 and 4.