I met Frank several years before taking Basic Handgun and have had the opportunity to witness his calm, confident professionalism and how positively he has affected those who worked for him. Frank’s humility, patience and positive attitude along with his years of experience make him, hands down, the most engaging instructor I have had the privilege of working with. Combine this with his obvious desire to communicate his knowledge in a way that feels personalized to each of his students, and you have a handgun training experience that will exceed your expectations and leave you wanting to continue training with him.

I highly recommend Zero Victims and will be back to complete Frank’s training series. It doesn’t matter what your level of previous experience is, Frank will meet you there and you will come away with a more thorough understanding of handgun ownership, safety, and use. In taking this course, I learned so much that I had not previously considered. Frank’s training is invaluable and I wish I had started it sooner!

Sean Edwards
Basic Handgun