I am an avid pistol shooter and recently had the privilege of training with Frank Odermann of Zero Victims.  After the 5 hour semi-private shooting lesson with Frank, I asked him if I could write a testimonial on his behalf.  I have been an educator and trainer for over 4 decades and have rubbed elbows with some truly outstanding instructors.  I have never met an instructor who I thought was as gracious, thorough and knowledgeable as Frank Odermann.  He made learning even the most basic and mundane of handgun skills interesting and practical.  My friend and I fired fewer rounds than we expected to shoot but had more fun and learned twice as much as we thought we would learn.   If you are interested in learning to handle a pistol in a safe, efficient, and effective manner, you could not find a better trainer than Frank Odermann.



Fred Nelson, Leadership Trainer with CLDI
Defensive Handgun